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Types of Resources

Within DARIAH-Campus, users can find different types of learning resources, and the captured outputs of face-to-face events run by members of the community.

DARIAH-Campus Types of Resources

Learning resources

External resources

One of the functions of DARIAH-Campus is to act as a discovery layer for existing learning resources, which includes curated links to lessons, courses, tutorials and other materials in the places where they ‘live’. Currently, we link to resources that a) have a connection with DARIAH-EU or the national nodes; b) are contributions from our members; and/or c) have a connection with the DARIAH Working Groups. We only link to external resources that are openly available for use and re-use in order to promote and uphold the principles of open science.

You can see an example an externally hosted resource here.

Hosted resources

DARIAH-Campus hosts and version-controls new online learning resources designed for use both by online users and in future face-to-facing training events. Hosted resources include, but are not limited to: training courses, individual lessons, and/or tutorials. These hosted resources cover topics and concepts related to (digital) humanities scholarship, and range from very targeted courses around a particular tool or methodology, such as GIS or TEI, to more universal issues related to current humanities scholarship such as Open Science, or Research Data Management.

To view an example of a hosted resource, click here.


There is an overwhelming number of learning resources available online, so much so that it is sometimes quite difficult for learners to know where to start. In such cases, DARIAH Pathfinders come to rescue as specially-produced, humanist-friendly guides on a variety of topics relating to digitally-enabled research and teaching. A Pathfinder is a ‘hybrid’ resource which is written for and hosted by DARIAH-CAMPUS, but which introduces and contextualises a number of other resources, including those that are hosted externally and those that extend beyond those created by members of the DARIAH network.

You can see an example of a Pathfinder here.


The ephemeral nature of training events such as webinars, lectures series or training workshops can be tricky to reproduce in an online environment, yet they are a vitally important part of training and education. DARIAH-Campus offers a format that captures live training events such as these to enable learners and trainers to revisit and reuse the outputs of such events. We do this by hosting documentation from these events, which can include programmes, slides, videos, speaker biographies and much more. For this, we have designed a special workflow and a template to compile and structure the content in a learner-friendly way.

For an example of a captured event on DARIAH-Campus see here.

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